System Design

Northstar's full-service capabilities include the delivery and installation of remediation equipment. Northstar can provide electrical upgrades and tie-in to equipment, compound construction, fencing, manifold construction, well head modifications and installation of transfer piping.

Staff is available 24 hours a day for both scheduled and emergency call outs for equipment operation, maintenance, repair, and technical support. Routine maintenance is commonly performed by Northstar along with permit compliance sampling of influent and effluent streams. Northstar strives to optimize remediation system operation to reduce the overall length of the project and achieve site closure. Commonly, as influent concentrations are reduced at the site, Northstar can replace remediation equipment with more cost effective equipment to meet the changing needs at the site. This is possible because of the variety of the fleet of equipment Northstar has available.

Over the duration of a project, Northstar saves our customers thousands of dollars in utility and O&M costs by optimizing existing systems or modifying equipment used to shorten the length of the project. Northstar's flexibility allows customers the ability to change equipment as the site conditions change.