Pipeline Inspection & Compliance

Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Inspection

Northstar Environmental provides environmental inspection services, project coordination, and compliance and documentation services for large-scale industrial construction projects, including pipeline construction. Northstar personnel are certified environmental inspectors that can conduct environmental and safety training for contractors and inspectors, manage variance requests, manage non-compliance issues, prepare daily and weekly inspection reports, and monitor site restoration. Northstar provides specialized inspection services including paleontology, archealogy and cultural resources, biology and wildlife surveys. Northstar's capabilities include preliminary surveys, environmental impact statement review, site monitoring and compliance, and restoration compliance monitoring.


As part of Northstar's goal for environmental compliance, Northstar has adopted a sustainable use policy to contribute to a sustainable industry and minimize the environmental impact in our offices and throughout all of our projects. Through our employees and subcontractors, Northstar works at the local, regional, and global level to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. Northstar uses green building practices utilizing recycling, reduced paper usage, and use of environmentally-friendly products wherever possible. Energy efficiency is a priority for Northstar, not just at our office, but at our customer's sites and with the equipment that we lease or sell.

Northstar aims to minimize the environmental impact of project construction and works to conserve natural resources and to prevent environmental pollution. Northstar complies with environmental legislation and officially approved codes of practice, and makes continued efforts to minimize waste and pollution, and to conduct operations in a way that will lead towards sustainable construction practices. Not only does Northstar practice sustainability in our own work but Northstar can assist your operation in identifying ways to reduce consumption and to add value through conservation.