Northstar Environmental Remediation (Northstar) is uniquely qualified to offer services ranging from professional remediation consulting services to general construction contracting. Each of Northstar's professional team members has more than 15 years of experience in environmental consulting and remediation services. The Northstar team provides strategic guidance to potentially responsible parties (PRP's) and consultants, and simplifies the remediation process. Northstar will work with you to identify your equipment needs, fabricate equipment, and refurbish existing equipment for use on a new or existing site. Northstar provides a cost benefit analysis to determine the most cost-effective way to use resources in achieving your remediation goal.

Northstar's Equipment Services

•Remediation Equipment
•Remediation Testing
•Equipment Design & Selection
•Agency Permitting
•Installation and Hookup
•Operation and Maintenance
•System Optimization
•Local Technical Support
•Site Remediation and Closure
•Site Monitoring
•Remediation System Evaluation
•Troubleshooting and Upgrades
•System Optimization
•Risk Evaluation
•Site Closure