Environmental Construction & Remediation

The implementation of remedial actions and the operation and maintenance of remediation equipment is the most costly phase of any environmental project. The cost of equipment, utilities, installation, operation, analytical fees, and compliance with regulatory agencies can far exceed the costs of all of the Phase I and Phase II budgets altogether. Because of the possibility for excessive project overruns due to unexpectedly high utility costs, or high equipment rental costs because of a longer than expected project duration, it is critical to have a consultant who is experienced in remediation equipment, and the critical decisions that can either make a remediation project successful, or make it a disastrous budget overrun. Fortune 500 companies call on Northstar solely for the evaluation of remediation equipment. Northstar will take a system that a customer already owns and will rehabilitate it and modify it so that it can be used on other sites. This eliminates the need for customers to constantly purchase new equipment. For over 11 years Northstar has worked with customers to use their equipment efficiently, to operate the proper equipment, and to change out equipment at the right time. Northstar actually owns electric catalytic oxidizers, and blower and carbon skids that can be easily located to a site, and can be operated for a much lower cost. Because of this experience, Northstar staff are adept at reviewing customer's systems and proposing system changes that may seem minor, but will have a tremendous economic impact on the overall cost of the project. This unique quality is what sets Northstar's services apart from the other consultants that are focused solely on the site assessment goals.

Northstar is experienced in many different remediation strategies including soil excavation, SVE, DPE, air sparge, groundwater pump and treat, insitu bioremediation, ozone injection, soil heating and the associated treatment of contaminants including thermal oxidation, carbon treatment of soil vapor for petroleum compounds and solvents, scrubber treatment, and treatment using various other compounds. Northstar will often install remediation equipment and then conduct the O&M. Northstar is commonly asked to operate systems installed by other firms or to rehabilitate or modify an existing system.