Northstar Environmental Remediation (Northstar) is a WBE, DBE, SBE that provides customers with choices. Whether you are a generator and responsible party or a consultant, you can benefit from Northstar’s unique business ability to nimbly provide options for remediation. Our customers do not get the “one-style-fits-all” fix applied to their problems. Instead, Northstar uses creative problem solving, drawing from years of experience in the industry, to provide a strategic approach to effective site remediation and closure.

Northstar provides services that identify the critical path of the project in order to protect human health, reduce generator liability, protect natural resources, and encourage sustainability of resources. Northstar's strategy includes site evaluations and feasibility testing to identify target areas for remediation, and the application of the right technology to accomplish the goal. Northstar enables clients to continuously monitor, respond to, and adjust remediation strategies as the site and regulatory environment changes. The benefit in using a remediation equipment company is that you benefit from having equipment on hand, and the knowledge that comes with professionals that know what it takes to actually achieve site closure.

Northstar's main office is located in Lake Forest, California with field office locations in Northern California and Phoenix, Arizona. Northstar's general customer base is in the US although custom-made equipment can be transported and delivered anywhere in the world.

The name Northstar was chosen to graphically portray the company vision to stand out from the crowd as the one that leads the rest. Northstar simplifies remediation, directs resources where they will have the most impact, and highlights the enterprise with significant cost savings for our customers. Northstar is also known as California Corporation KRT Management, Inc.

WBE (Women-owned Business Enterprise)
SBE (Small Business Enterprise)
DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise)
PUC (Public Utilities Commission)
Supplier Clearinghouse Certified WBE

State of California Registered Geologist
State of California Certified Hydrogeologist
State of California Hazardous Substance Removal License
General Engineering Contractor License #827022